Thursday, October 13, 2016

ercol child's chair

it took me a while to discover the maker of this sweet mid-century modern styled children's chair - and with the kind staff at the Metropolitan Home store in Vancouver pointing me in the right direction, I found it featured on page 18 in the 1956 catalogue of the ERCOL furniture company based in England... (I had always presumed it to be scandi-designed!)

originally labelled as the "windsor stacking chair", the simple design allows them to be stacked to great heights in their various sizes.
this sturdy child-sized one measures 60 cm high, 34 cm wide at the seat's front edge and 31.5 cm in depth.
the seat is made from elm wood with the other parts turned out of beech.

from the mid-1950's, 
this well-loved small chair will be a wonderful addition to any mid-century modern chair collection for $300

the stamp on the bottom of the seat with the patent and registered design numbers is a little blurry, but I can just make out the reg. design no. 884892 which matches the one in their catalogue.

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